Sugar free

source of protein & slow releasing energy

Packed intelligently

no additives. raw. vegan. no preservatives.

The pick me up we all need

oats. nuts. dried fruit. sunflower seeds.

Choosing your snacks


Finally Emily, thank you, a granola bar I can give to my little ones without feeling guilty! 

Sharon, from St.Julians

It's hard to find true healthy snacks around that are not packed with loads of preservatives, artificial ingredients and hidden sugar content but Oh So Yummy bars are made from healthiest natural ingredients that surely will satisfy any sweet tooth cravings and make these the perfect healthy pre or post workout snack. After discovering their unique fresh taste of these bars I couldn't resist but to add them to my diet

Mya from Lifecoach Gym

Yummy sooo Delicious!!! Highly recommended everyone..

These Oh So Yummy granola bars are your ideal snack - Natural, healthy and delicious!

Lara Azzopardi